Sunday, August 21, 2011


So I know I promised pictures a while back, but I have yet to get the pics despite the fact that I've taken my camera to my classroom every day that I've been up there. I promise some time soon I will take pictures and post them. I've worked really hard in my classroom and I'm very proud.

Tomorrow is the first day of school! I'm excited to get to know my new students and get rolling with another fabulous year! Here is something that I saw on this wonderful blog, and it reminded me of why I teach and how I need the Lord on a daily basis...

A Teacher’s Prayer

O Lord, Grant me your strength, so I will have COURAGE in every situation;

Grant me your love, so I will NEVER GIVE UP on anybody;

Grant me your wisdom, so I will SHOW others the path to success;

Grant me your mercy; so I will FORGIVE those who have hurt me;

Grant me your peace, so I will FIND THE BEST in everybody;

Grant me your hope, so I will NEVER GIVE UP;

Grant me your joy, so I will be THANKFUL for all my blessings;

And grant me your grace, so you will ALWAYS be at my side. Amen.

~David Bennett

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